Seoul– South Korean tech giant Samsung has admitted that personal data of at least 150 users were leaked following “Find My Mobile” notifications error.

Thousands of premium Galaxy line up owners received a strange notification from the firm’s “Find My Mobile” app last week.

The South Korean tech giant has admitted that another glitch occurred at almost the same time, resulting in a “small number” of users that were able to briefly access information from other Samsung users, including names, addresses and the last four digits of their payment cards, Tech Radar reported on Tuesday quoting Sam Mobile.

Late last week, many users posted on Reddit and Twitter getting a mysterious push notification on their Samsung devices that simply read “1/1”.

The smartphone maker claims that the two issues were unrelated and that it was purely a coincidence that they occurred at around the same time. Samsung further clarified that the unintentional leak was the result of a technical error on the company’s UK website, and only affected 150 customers, the report added. (IANS)