New Delhi– Air India employees who are part of the consortium of 209 employees who have put in a expression of interest (EoI) for the strategic sale of the national carrier will not be handling any policy matter or divestment-related issue.

Air India through a circular has asked all such employees who have participated in the consortium to make a full disclosure and abide by these rules.

All employees who are part of the EoI have been asked to submit a formal intimation of participation in a specified format by the company.

“Further, such employees are directed that they should not handle matters related to policy and any other strategic issues of the company which may have a bearing on the disinvestment of Air India or any information which may be used directly or indirectly in this regard,” the circular said.

Such employees may continue to handle routine day to day business of the company. “Any non-compliance of the instructions by employees will be viewed seriously and necessary action as deemed fit will be taken against them”, said the Air India circular.

It is understood that a consortium of Management-Employees has submitted an EoI for participation in the bid for strategic disinvestment of Air India, the company said. (IANS)