San Francisco– In a bid to bring more engagement on its platform that is similar to TikTok, YouTube said that it plans to pay $100 million to creators who use YouTube Shorts.

Each month, the company will reach out to thousands of creators whose Shorts received the most engagement and views to reward them for their contributions.

They will also ask these creators to share their feedback so they can continue to improve the product experience.

“The Shorts Fund is the first step in our journey to build a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube,” the company said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

“We are actively working on this and will take the feedback gathered from our community to help develop a long-term programme specifically designed for YouTube Shorts,” it added.

The Shorts Fund is not limited to just creators in the YouTube Partner Programme. Creators will be eligible to participate if they create original content for Shorts and adhere to our Community Guidelines.

“We are excited to start rewarding creators for their contributions through the Shorts Find,” the company said.

“At the same time, we will expand our Shorts player across more surfaces on YouTube to help people find new creators, artists and Shorts to enjoy,” it added.

Earlier this year, YouTube previewed a new feature that will allow users to remix audio from videos across YouTube � which includes billions of videos.

The company said it is starting to roll out to everyone that has access to our Shorts creation tools soon. (IANS)