New Delhi– Sony is reportedly planning to introduce a new video game subscription service for the PlayStation this week.

Sony has been reportedly working on a new video game subscription service codenamed Spartacus is Sony’s response to Microsoft Corp’s Xbox Game Pass, a kind of Netflix for video games that has more than 25 million subscribers, reports GizmoChina.

It will likely be available on PlayStations 4 and 5. Sony’s new service will combine two of its current offerings, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. Users will be able to choose from multiple tiers offering catalogs of modern games and classics from older PlayStation eras.

Sony is in fact planning for the Spartacus to have three tiers, in line with prior reports.

The first tier would be $10 a month and essentially replace PlayStation Plus, offering free monthly games and discounts, reports Android Central.The second tier would be $13 a month and throws in a catalogue of games. Finally, at $16 a month, the third and final tier would provide trials of newer games, game streaming and a library of “classic” games.

Right now, Sony is not planning to offer any day one release from PlayStation Studios, marking the biggest difference between this planned overhaul and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the report said.

The report also stated that Sony intends to move this new service into testing sometime in the next few weeks, meaning official news could be imminent.Back in December 2021, a report said that Sony is possibly planning a new game subscription service, codenamed Spartacus. (IANS)