San Francisco– A Tesla Model 3 driver reportedly hit the accelerator and landed on top of a Falck ambulance in San Diego in the US, which led to injury of three people, including the driver.

The San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) tweeted the events of the incident. It occurred around 9.40 a.m. on Greencraig Lane, south of Kaiser Permanente hospital on March 30, reports Teslarati.

After the driver mistakenly accelerated out of the parking lot, the Model 3 went down an embankment, crashed into a fence and landed on a parked ambulance.

The rescue team extracted the three passengers from the Model 3 safely. The Fire Department initially reported that two of the Model 3’s passengers were taken to the local hospital, with the driver declining to go. However, the Tesla driver later requested to be transported to the hospital.

The SDFD reported that all three people involved in the incident had sustained minor injuries, and no one outside the vehicle was harmed.

The Tesla Model 3 involved in the incident seemed relatively unharmed as well. However, the vehicle’s owner may have to take it in for repairs on the front bumper.

After rescuing the passenger, the rescue teams had to figure out how to safely extract the Model 3 from the crash site. There were some concerns that removing the vehicle would damage the Tesla’s battery and cause a fire.

At 11.45 a.m, the rescue team carefully lifted the car off the ambulance. They ran thick straps through the Model 3’s windows, using a crane to lift it off the ambulance and place it on solid ground. (IANS)