Chennai– With just 1,500 EcoSport vehicles pending to be rolled out of its plant near here for overseas markets, Ford India Pvt Ltd is operating the factory for one shift, said a senior worker.

“The striking workers’ union demanding a better severance package as the plant will be closed permanently by the end of this month, have called off their strike. But the factory is operational with one shift as the number of vehicles to be produced is only about 1,500 for this month,” the worker, preferring anonymity, told IANS.

He said the workers’ union and the management will be having a meeting on Wednesday on the severance package.

Out of the total 2,600 workers at Ford India’s Maraimalainagar plant near here, about 1,300 are on duty now and others as and when needed will be called for duty.

According to the worker, about 130 cars are being rolled out of the assembly lines per day.

Speaking about the severance package, the worker said it consists of three components viz., No. of days salary per year x No. of years of service; lumpsum of Rs 240,000 and Rs 50,000 x No. of years of service.

He said the dispute is majorly on the first component, the number of days that has to be taken into account per year.

The talks are on and the final decision on the number of days per year is yet to be arrived at, the worker said.

Meanwhile, union office bearers were not available for comments. (IANS)