San Francisco– To enhance user experience, Google is reportedly working on a dedicated Gmail and Calendar app for Wear OS and Pixel Watch.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch is currently being tested with dedicated Gmail and Calendar apps for Wear OS.

However, it’s unclear when these apps will be available on many of the best Wear OS smartwatches. Currently, the Agenda app is the only resource for users who want to see their upcoming events. Even this app is limited in terms of functionality, as it only displays appointments for the next three days.

There are no options for viewing any specific week or month in full view, nor is it possible to create new or modify existing events using a dedicated app, according to the report.

Meanwhile, email is entirely handled by notifications in Pixel Watch. Users can only access them from the main notifications feed, and once they’re gone there’s no inbox view to return to, said the report.

Earlier this month, Google had added a Sleep Profile to the Pixel Watch, giving more ways to understand user sleep information, and more insight into their sleep style over time.

With this feature, users will discover how their routines and actions affect their sleep, and how to improve their sleep to get a better night’s sleep. (IANS)