San Francisco— About 90 per cent of IT decision-makers across a wide range of industries who play a key role in enterprise purchasing decisions have admitted to reusing passwords at the workplace, a new report has shown.

According to open-source password management service provider Bitwarden, a majority of respondents (about 49 per cent) are deploying or have plans to deploy passwordless technology.

“Our survey shows businesses are looking beyond passwords and desire new technologies that reflect passwordless workflows, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. While strong and unique passwords are highly effective at safeguarding data, weak or re-used passwords that are not managed by an end-to-end encrypted password manager present serious vulnerabilities,” said Bitwarden CEO Michael Crandell.

Moreover, the report showed that around half (51 per cent) are relying on the ‘something you are’ (biometrics, facial recognition, fingerprint, voice) form of passwordless authentication.

About 41 per cent say ‘better security’ is the primary reason to deploy passwordless technology.

The report also mentioned that about 60 per cent reported their organisation experienced a cyberattack within the past year, and 49 per cent said they are struggling with employees who use unauthorised devices or software without IT’s approval.

About 80 per cent reported having a ransomware mitigation strategy.

Further, the report said that a large majority (79 per cent) of IT decision-makers want their employer to require employees to use the same password manager across the organisation.

When asked what makes a good password manager, 60 per cent cite security, 56 per cent cite the availability of two-factor authentication (2FA), and 40 per cent cite ease-of-use. (IANS)