New Delhi– Zomato has hired a new kind of CFO — Chief Fitness Officer who will work with an in-house wellness team of trainers, nutritionists and wellbeing counsellors to make employees fit and healthy.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the appointment of Anmol Gupta as the company’s first-ever Chief Fitness Officer.

“I am looking forward to working with him to transform the way people think about work. Going forward, we are going to invest heartily behind the wellbeing of our employees, our delivery partners and our restaurant partners,” Goyal said in a tweet.

With the new CFO, Zomato’s team of nutritionists will be responsible for charting out personalised meal plans for all employees to track their macro and micro nutrient intake.

Moreover, trainers will help employees in weight and strength training, yoga, boxing and more. They will cater to both beginners and pros.

Gupta said he is looking forward to “making Zomato fitter”.

The Zomato CEO also discussed his own fitness journey on Instagram, revealing that while he weighed 87 kg in 2019, he brought it down to 72 in 2023 and his cholesterol levels and body fat percentage also came down.

“I started tracking my carb intake, ate a healthy diet (all ordered via Zomato; because Indian home cooked food is so dominated by carbs), and worked out regularly. I didn’t do anything extreme, always had a day or two of cheat days on weekends (with chole bhature, butter chicken, and gulab jamun and what not),” he explained.

Personally, “I feel a good diet is 80 per cent of the work in one’s fitness journey”.

“It is no secret that physical health — which also determines mental health — is a vital force behind a high-performance individual,” he added. (IANS)