New Delhi– Air India on Thursday announced its partnership with celebrated fashion designer Manish Malhotra to design new uniforms for over 10,000 airline employees, including cabin crew, cockpit crew, ground and security staff.Meanwhile, Malhotra and his team have begun meeting Air India’s staff, conducting discussions and fitting sessions with them to better understand their specialised needs.“Air India is delighted to be collaborating with Manish Malhotra to realise our shared ambition of representing the very best of a vibrant, bold and progressive India on the world stage,” said Campbell Wilson, CEO & MD, Air India.”We are working closely with Manish and his team to combine elements of our brand, our heritage and our culture, together with the unique requirements of the airline environment, for what we hope will be a fresh and exciting new look that supports and represents the new Air India,” said Wilson.”It’s an absolute honour to collaborate with Air India, our national flying ambassadors. Reimagining their uniforms is the onset of a journey of joy and collaboration, and I am excited to embark on it. Our shared ideology is simple yet profound: To evolve without erasing, to modernise without forgetting. Together, we aim to intertwine tradition with the future, crafting uniforms where comfort meets authenticity, wrapped in timeless elegance,” said Manish Malhotra. (IANS)