Las Vegas– Cloud major Oracle has announced the addition of generative AI-powered capabilities within its Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX), as it bets big on AI-driven Cloud solutions across its portfolio.Supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) generative AI service, the new capabilities are embedded in existing Oracle Fusion Service processes to optimize customer service delivery, improve productivity, and help organizations enhance the customer experience.“The new capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX will help organizations resolve customer service issues quicker and more efficiently by increasing service agent and field technician productivity, optimizing self-service, and automating traditional tasks that are manual and time-consuming,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Cloud CX, during the Oracle OpenWorld here.The embedded generative AI capabilities within Oracle Cloud CX are designed to respect customers’ enterprise data, privacy, and security. OCI hosts both prebuilt and custom models. Oracle added new AI capabilities in Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) to help marketers, sellers, and service agents grow revenue and deliver exceptional customer experience.“Pre-trained large language models (LLMs) are changing the way we interact with people, content, and critical knowledge in our enterprises. We can now unlock insights and communicate with clarity like never before,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Cloud CX. Oracle also showcased new capabilities in its next-generation EHR platform focused on improving patient and provider experiences with easy-to-use, consumer-grade applications.With a modern interface and intuitive, guided processes, the new Oracle Health EHR platform will provide convenient self-service options that empower patients while reducing provider burden and administrative workloads, the company informed.“Our goal is to deliver one of the industry’s best, most functionally rich EHR systems to reduce wasted time, eliminate redundant processes, and add value every step of the way for practitioners and the patients they serve,” said Travis Dalton, executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Health. (IANS)