New Delhi– After being laid off by Meta in April, just before her third anniversary, Hou Zhuoni Hermione received a job offer from her dream company, Google, after five months.Hermione, who was a project sourcing manager at Meta in Singapore, said she was lucky to be hired by Meta during the pandemic and “felt pampered and cared for” by the company, but Meta wasn’t her dream company, Google was.”Some of you might have heard me joking about Google being my dream company because the commute would be a less-than-15-min walk. Well, the dream is coming true except the commute is a 16+ hour flight instead,” she wrote in a LinkedIn post.She will be joining Google as Regional Commodity Manager for EMEA, based in Dublin, Ireland.”This almost feels like the first time I went overseas, and I’m happy to fit into the same shoes as when I was 20. I shall try my best, and this will be fun,” Hermione said.Meanwhile, Meta is reportedly planning to lay off an unknown number of employees from its metaverse-driven Reality Labs division.Employees have been informed about the impending layoffs on Wednesday (US time) through a post on Meta’s internal discussion forum Workplace, a leading media outlet, citing sources, reported.The social network has cut nearly 21,000 jobs since last year across verticals. (IANS)