New Delhi– Elon Musk-run Tesla has reportedly sold a wireless charging startup Wiferion it acquired for an undisclosed sum in June this year.Wiferion is a Germany-based wireless charging startup known for inductive charging technology for industrial robots and electric vehicles.Now, DIN rail power supply provider PULS has acquired Wiferion from Tesla.“Wireless charging specialist Wiferion becomes our new business unit PULS Wireless. Wiferion’s customers will benefit from our engineering resources and global presence in production and application support,” PULS said in a statement.Wiferion becomes a new business unit called PULS Wireless, with an operational team in Freiburg (Germany). The new wireless charging technology will provide unprecedented fleet efficiency, and is maintenance-free, reliable and flexible.Wiferion has successfully developed inductive charging to maximise the performance of industrial electric vehicles such as autonomous guided vehicles, autonomous mobile robots and forklifts.“With the additional capabilities of PULS, we want to make this system the global market standard and will invest significantly,” said Bernhard Erdl, Managing Director and owner of PULS GmbH.PULS employs more than 100 of the best developers in the industry and has global production and sales locations that take our charging technology and scalability to a new level, added Julian Seume, former CSO of Wiferion.Earlier this year, Tesla teased a new wireless home charging station.Tesla teased an image of a Model 3 parked on top of what appeared to be a wireless charging pad. (IANS)