New Delhi– Google One subscription service is doing incredibly well with strong user growth and is about to cross 100 million subscribers, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced.

The service provides expanded storage, unlocks exclusive features in Google products, and allows the company to build a strong relationship with its most engaged users.

“Google One is growing very well, and we are just about to cross 100 million subscribers,” Pichai told analysts during the company’s earnings call.

Google One Plans start from $1.99 per month, which gives 100GB of storage shareable with five people and access to its VPN service in the US.

“Subscriptions is growing strongly, powered by YouTube Premium and Music, YouTube TV, and Google One,” said Pichai.

The company’s total revenues from subscription products reached $15 billion for the full-year 2023, driven primarily by substantial growth in subscribers for the YouTube subscription offerings.

“The substantial increase in our subscription revenues over the past few years demonstrates the ability of our teams to deliver high value-add offerings and provides a strong base on which to build, including through YouTube and newer services like Google One,” said Pichai.

The strong demand the company is seeing for its vertically-integrated AI portfolio is creating new opportunities for Google Cloud across every product area.

Google Bard, the conversational AI tool that complements Search, is now powered by Gemini Pro, and it’s much more capable at things like understanding, summarizing, reasoning, coding, and planning.

“It’s now in over 40 languages and over 230 countries around the world. Looking ahead, we’ll be rolling out an even more advanced version for subscribers powered by Gemini Ultra,” Pichai informed. (IANS)