New Delhi– Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said the X platform will soon launch more features to make live content more engaging and reach a wider audience.

When X senior security engineer Nathan McGrady asked what is the worst thing about live content on the platform, a user replied: “Discoverability”.

“It’s not being pushed by the algorithm. There’s no dedicated live content tab,” said the X user.

He further said that people viewing the live content are completely dependent on the performance of a tweet.

“That’s not an incredibly reliable way to discover,” he posted.

The tech billionaire replied: “High priority fix”.

Another Musk follower suggested that he would love to see being able to go live with a group of users, like “host a panel discussion or debate, like StreamYard and other tools”.

Super chats will also arrive for live content soon, said the company.

Some X users also raised questions about the edit button that has been taken off the live videos after the live stream is over.

“That was a super valuable tool that makes the ‘replay’ look less appealing,” said a user.

Last week, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said users can post movies, TV series or podcasts on the platform and earn money. (IANS)