New Delhi– The ongoing cash crunch in the wake of demonetisation hasn’t spared even the student community in Jawaharlal Nehru University, with many finding the availability of food in the hostel mess as the only consolation.

Neither of the two ATMs in the campus were found to be working on Saturday and students were forced to wage a struggle even for basic necessities.

“There’s no money with me. How will we live? “a JNU student told IANS.

“Today my roommate needed a sanitary pad. But we had no money to buy it. Finally after some struggle, we were able to borrow it from one of the girls in the hostel,” she added.

Some students from Manipur also faced problems when they went to book the varsity auditorium.

“There was this cultural programme by Manipur students but they only had old notes of Rs 500 or 1000 to pay the auditorium charges. At length, it was decided that an online payment will be made to the authorities, but even that wasn’t without its share of hassles,” JNU Students Union Vice President Amal P.P. told IANS.

The dhaba owners at the campus were also finding it hard to turn down the students who came to their shops with big notes.

“I just told them to buy things on credit. There’s no money with me as well. Lets see who returns when and who does not,” ‘Mamu’, a canteen owner in the campus, told IANS.

“We dont even know whether (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi will stick to even this decision. He acts upon whatever crosses his mind,” he added.

A talk on the current demonetisation crisis was slated to take place in the campus. (IANS)


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