New Delhi–Global aviation data company FlightStats has distanced itself from reports that cited the company’s annual findings that placed the national passenger carrier Air India as the third worst airline in the world in terms of on-time performance (OTP) parameters in 2016.

“While we do highlight exceptional performers, we do not, and have not, highlighted low performance or maintain a list of worst performing airlines,” the company said in a letter to Air India.

According to the letter, the aviation data firm said that it does not endorse the negative portrayal of Air India through its annual findings on OTP which was cited in a recently published international media report.

The development comes days after Air India on Tuesday sought an explanation from the company for its report that ranked the airline as the third worst global performer in terms of on-time operations last year.

In its letter to FlightStats, Air India had contested the data, calling it “unconfirmed information” which was directed at misleading customers.

“The data published in your report is based on unconfirmed information and is directed at misleading the customers and audience at large,” Air India’s letter read.

“The report clearly targets Air India and its image. The report has been made public at a time when Air India has just announced major expansion plans by way of induction of fleet and commencement of new international and domestic stations.”

“And, this also leads one to speculate of the intentions behind the entire exercise. Air India will take very strong action and leave no stone unturned to ascertain and bring to light any biased or malicious intent to spoil Air India’s image.” (IANS)