New Delhi– US-based technology firm Redmorph on Thursday forayed into the Indian market with its security solution for the Indian smartphone users.

Named “The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution,” the app allows users to control and protect their privacy and security online and visualize the happening in the apps background, OS and websites in real time.

The product is equipped with algorithms to audit all system and user apps to determine and minimise risks. With behavioural and predictive analysis, it uses contextual logic to identify and block suspicious or malicious apps.

“Consumers are finding it difficult to make informed decisions, allowing apps multiple permissions to access data due to permission fatigue. This could lead to misuse of user data. At Redmorph, we are committed to helping people better protect their privacy online,” Abhay Edlabadkar, Founder and CEO of Redmorph, said in a statement.

The solution — priced at Rs 50 per month with 21 days trial and available on Google Play Store — monitors background behaviour and pro-actively prevents malicious apps from spying on banking, email, social and other critical apps.

Redmorph is a partner of Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab Privacy and Security Institute in the US.(IANS)