New Delhi– The sugar industry in India produced 230.5 lakh tonnes during October-February 2017-2018, the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said here on Monday

“The sugar industry has produced 67.88 lakh tonne more sugar than last year at the same time, i.e. upto February 2017,” a statement from ISMA said.

The top sugar producers of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka have produced 73.95 lakh tonnes, 84.24 lakh tonnes and 33.44 lakh tonnes respectively till February 28, it said.

All sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh are functioning so far, while those in Maharashtra and Karnataka have started shutting operations, according to ISMA.

A total of 522 sugar mills across the country started crushing sugarcane in 2017-18, of which 43 mills have shut by the end of February, the statement said.

“Considering that there is reportedly a larger sugar production in the current year… There is a need to export at least 15 lakh tonne in the current season itself over the next six to seven months” it said, adding that, this will give extra cash flow to the mills, and improve the dispersal of arrears to the farmers.

In January, the ISMA had projected India’s sugar production at 261 lakh tonne in 2017-18 (October-September), revising its previous estimate of 251 tonne. (IANS)