San Francisco– Video-sharing giant YouTube came under fire on Twitter after it lifted and posted a Christmas holiday video of a professional domino artist named Lily Hevesh without giving her due credit.

The domino artist took to Twitter to express her disappointment. She said: “Very glad to see that my Christmas domino e-card is getting good use. However, I’m a bit disappointed that YouTube would take my video and re-upload it with absolutely no credit.”

“YouTube’s tweet doesn’t credit Hevesh at all, or mention her YouTube channel. The tweet also cuts Hevesh’s intro, which acts as a welcome to her channel for those who stumble upon the video.

“Hevesh’s original video, uploaded to YouTube on December 23, has just over 60,000 views, but YouTube’s lifted version boasts more than 250,000,” The Verge reported late on Wednesday.

“By stripping out the attribution to Hevesh when it brought the video to a broader audience, YouTube’s tweet — sent out to 71 million subscribers — prevents Hevesh from getting the recognition that might lead to jobs,” the report added.

The professional domino artist uses the video platform to advertise her work.

YouTube, which faced a major backlash after the incident, in a follow up tweet recognised Hevesh’s channel and posted: “Our mistake – we forgot to credit @Hevesh5 for this video! Check out more of @Hevesh5’s epic domino art here:”

YouTube’s community guidelines and policy page specifically states that creators should only “upload videos that you made or that you’re authorised to use”. (IANS)