Bengaluru– After a techie from software major Mindtree tested positive for coronavirus infection, an employee of Dell India also tested positive following his return from the US.

“Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees and communities where we operate. We can confirm two employees of Dell India were tested for the virus following their return from the United States – including a visit to our headquarters in Round Rock, Texas,” Dell India spokesperson said on Wednesday.

According to the company’s spokesperson, one employee tested negative whereas the second tested positive and has since been in quarantine.

“We continue to take steps to protect Dell Technologies team members and communities by following the health and safety guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control, in coordinating with local health officials,” the spokesperson said.

The team members in Bengaluru who may have come into contact with the affected employees are working remotely, the company spokesperson added.

“Dell’s local environment, health and safety team is in contact with these team members to closely monitor their well-being. All the team members who are set up for work from home are encouraged to do so as part of our connected workplace policy. This helps us reduce foot traffic and congregation in buildings for those whose jobs require them to be in a Dell facility,” the company’s spokesperson said in a statement.

To help keep sites worldwide safe, we have increased the frequency of deep cleaning and sanitisation of all our workspaces and conference rooms, the company said.

On Tuesday, the techie from Mindtree tested positive on return from an overseas trip, a company official had said.

“One of our Mindtree Minds (employees), on return to Bengaluru from an overseas trip, has tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday. He, along with his family members, are under medical observation by Karnataka Health Department doctors,” said Mindtree Chief People Officer Paneesh Rao in a statement here.

The techie is on way to recovery.

“The software engineer had self-isolated on return from the trip abroad and did not visit any of our facilities or meet any other employee,” Rao said. (IANS)