San Francisco– Google on Monday announced $14 million reinvestment to provide digital training pathways and support job placement for people seeking jobs.

Google’s expanded support includes $7 million in grants and $7 million in donated Search ads, which will help its ‘Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator’ reach more than 200,000 people across the US and Canada with digital skills and career training so they gain economic mobility.

“The funds support infrastructure development and expansion like tracking systems for hiring and training that will improve the reach and effectiveness of Goodwill’s services at the local level,” said Kent Walker, President of Global Affairs, Google and Alphabet.

Today in the US, the reported number of unemployed people is 5.9 million.

By some estimates, 80 per cent of ‘middle-skill’ US jobs now requires digital skills.

The World Economic Forum estimates that up to 50 per cent of workers will need to add new skills to keep up with the requirements of in-demand careers.

“With support from, Goodwill has helped more than a million people gain digital awareness and new digital skills, and placed more than 300,000 overlooked job seekers in digital economy jobs,” Walker informed. (IANS)