San Francisco— Google has highlighted its key initiatives for 2023 which is to make Android and Google Play more safe and secure.

“It’s our top priority to keep Android and Google Play safe for developers to build successful businesses and provide quality apps and games to billions of users around the world,” the tech giant said in an Android Developers blogpost on Monday.

“We’ll continue to work in collaboration with developers, publishers, regulators and more as we navigate the transition to a more private mobile ecosystem.”

This year, the company will continue to improve Google Play’s Data safety section with new features and policies that will aim to give users more clarity and control around “deletion practices.”

Developers can also enhance their users’ safety by reducing the permissions they request for accessing users’ data.

Also, developers can start testing privacy, security and transparency enhancements in the Android 14 Developer Preview 1.

“Developers have told us that they want more help protecting their business, users, and IP. So, we’ve continued enhancing Play Integrity application programming interface (API) and automated integrity protection to help you better detect and prevent risks, and strengthen your anti-abuse strategy,” the tech giant said. (IANS)